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Hotels in Hokkaido
You can find various kinds of accommodations in Hokkaido, depending on which service you need, what you would like to experience or which area you would like to stay etc.
Hokkaido-hotels.com is here to assist you to find the ideal accommodation for your stay around Hokkaido.
In this website, you can find convenient and reasonable hotels and Inn (Ryokan) near stations, which are strictly selected by the well-versed Japanese staffs through their experience of travelling in Japan and also it is possible to directly make a reservation through us.
Hokkaido-hotels.com is the perfect website to the people who especially would like to save accommodation fee. We hope you will be able to find the one you are looking for and enjoy the second biggest city in Japan!

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About Hokkaido


Hokkaido is the island located in north part of Japan and very popular for tourists. During summer, you can enjoy beautiful nature scenery you may have never seen in your life. During winter, you can enjoy skiing in the amazing resorts which are well-known as high quality powder snow in worldwide. As it is completely surrounded by the sea, fresh local seafood like sashimi, sushi are affordable easily and absolutely delicious! Here are main sightseeing places;

1. Furano area
Furano is well-known as its lavender and sunflower fields in summer and when they have their best they looks like beautiful purple or yellow carpets. Both of them are impressed and will be unforgettable experience once you see them.
»» Accommodations in Furano富良野 Ski Resort

2. Otaru
1 hour away by train from Sapporo City which is the capital of Hokkaido island. Otaru is amazingly beautiful bay city and you can easily find reasonable and fresh seafood restaurants around the area.
»» Accommodations in Otaru小樽 city

3. Niseko Ski resort
If you visit Hokkaido in winter you, can never miss to go skiing. Niseko resort is one of the amazing ski resorts which is well-known its high quality of powder snow in worldwide. It takes only 2 hours from Sapporo or Shinchitose airport by a car and many tourists visit there.
»» Accommodations in NISEKOニセコ Resort

4. Hakodate City (5 hours away by a car from Sapporo city) is very famous for the night view which is chosen top 3 in the world.
As Hokkaido is such wide island, it is not possible to travel everything for 1 day, but may need roughly 1 week at least if you would like to take some time in each places.
Here is more information: http://northern-road.jp/navi/eng/
»» Accommodations in Hakodate函館 city

Hokkaido Ski Resort Top 10 : Click here

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